BottleTalk Hits One-Year Anniversary

“Bottle Talk With Rick & Paul” Celebrates with Special Bad Wine Writing Episode

(September 21, 2015) – The irreverent radio show “Bottle Talk With Rick & Paul” celebrates the one year anniversary of its good-natured-if-uphill battle against the silly insider clichés in the wine business and of its all-out assault on wine snobs everywhere.

The show features co-hosts Rick Kushman, a New York Times bestselling author and wine commentator for Sacramento’s Capital Public Radio, and Paul Wagner, a Napa Valley-based industry veteran who teaches wine courses at Napa Valley College and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. It’s recorded at Capital Public Radio and airs on KVON 1440 AM in Napa, online at and on iTunes.

“We’re as surprised as anyone that we’re still on,” Wagner said.

“We’re even more surprised no one has sued us,” Kushman said.

The hour-long show talks about topics in wine, finds moments in wine history, takes questions from listeners, and has three fundamental principles:

  • Wine is fun. Don’t talk about wine like it’s a chemistry exam.
  • Make fun of wine snobs.
  • Don’t take advice from Rick and Paul.

“That last one,” Wagner said, “is pretty important.”

The show is celebrating this week with a special episode recapping some of the worst wine writing from the past year that they’ve aired in their regular feature called “Really Horrible Wine Writing.”

“It’s not like it’s hard to find material,” Wagner said.

“The best of the most horrible,” Kushman said, “reads like someone owns the Thesaurus of Ridiculous Wine Descriptors. Some of the stuff is so unfathomable, it could be written in Klingon.”

Wagner and Kushman said they don’t want to paint the wine industry or all wine writers with one critique. “We know there are many, many smart, talented, well-intentioned wine writers out there,” Wagner said.

“But we want to thank the other ones,” Kushman said. “They make it so easy to do our show.”

“Bottle Talk with Rick & Paul” airs every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Pacific time on KVON. A new episode is posted simultaneously at  Prior shows are available on the site and on iTunes. Information about sponsorship is also on the website.



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